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     Please take a moment to read our 13 year span of organic reviews all over the Internet & Facebook. Petals has been rated Number 1 in Brevard County all those years and all of our success comes from happy faces and word of mouth. All of our BEAUTIFUL faces are glowing all around town! Why not you? Come find out what beautiful skin really is & how to keep it that way.

     Once you emerge from Petals Skin Spa with YOUR petal soft skin; you'll be so amazed when you sit back into your car and look into your rear view mirror; that you'll be texting your BFF's before you know it! Please tell them that they must experience Petals for themselves. They must! 

     We have openings next week! 321-722-0025 Texting also available!

"Never had a better facial or better education about my face."


Local Plastic Surgery Nurse 2016

The Lovely Rosebud Facial  $75

Traditional Deluxe Custom Facial with Luxurious European Massage of the Upper Body, Face, Head & Hands.  The perfect facial for everyone and anyone from the facial novice to the facial buff.  Emerge refreshed, delighted and knowing now What A REAL FACIAL is. So that's a facial!  OMG!

The Perfect Bouquet Facial  $115

Deluxe Custom Facial with Deep Pore Cleaning and Luxurious European Massage of the Upper Body, Neck, Face & Hands.  This facial is for those needing deep cleansing of clogged pores; along with all the pampering.  Great starting facial if you know you need more.  Leave ready for anything; even after a Petal's extraction facial. (not all red & blotchy & break out for a month.) Not at Petals.

The "Hello Beautiful" Facial  $125

If you never had a facial before or never had a GOOD facial before and feel pretty much clueless as to what you or your face actually needs; then this would be for you.  Get the exact facial your exact face needs today; along with all the education (from a teacher, mind you) about your face and how to care for it in a way you can understand. Plus go home armed with the set of directions for a beautiful face that was left out in your "Need to Know" life book. Keep it Simple, Silly is the key and we'll show you how!

The "New Me" Facial 


Deluxe Custom Anti-Aging, Restorative Facial Includes Deep Pore Cleansing, Peel or Micrdermabrasion AS WELL AS a Luxurious European Massage of the Upper Body, Face, Head & Hands.  This facial is a fantastic kick-start to a grumpy, dull, lifeless complexion for a totally new you.  You'll glow for MONTHS after this one.  Meet YOU!

The "New Me" Facial Series  $375

The Same Restorative Facial we just described, followed by 3 Weekly Follow-Up Peels.  Depending on your starting point, this facial and peel series is the easy, enjoyable, non-injurious path to radiant skin at any age.  This is the way to do it ladies, without hurting yourself.  Look at me; I'm 60.  No Botox, Fillers, Lasers, Facelift... Nada!

Acne Clearing Facial


Tired of facing your face with no where to turn for real, and I mean, REAL help?  Come see the skin teacher, my friend, and I will tell you things you wouldn't believe about why you are suffering and fighting this never-ending nightmare.  First, order of business???  Clean the clogs!  Deep, down CLEAN. Like never before.  You can't heal the face if you don't clean out the clogs!  Period. End of story.

See What People Are Saying...

"I Love This Place!  The Best Facial I EVER Had.  

All I Can Say Is...

Love!  Love!  Love!"

Mary Montanna 4/2017

Make Someone Ecstatic 

w a Gift Certificate to Petals Skin Spa!

     Any of the facial services listed above make for wonderful gifts for the beautiful women in your life.  Your wife, mom, mother-in-law, aunties, cousins, kid's teacher, your girlfriend, your daughter, your teen, the dog sitter, etc.  

     Pretty much anyone will enjoy and benefit from a visit to this unique, trusted, tried & true, treasured Vintage Historic Melbourne Spa.  And can do this for her over and over. Once is not enough. Couple times a year, in fact!  She'll LOVE it!

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Sorry... No More Nails.

We regret to inform you, but Petals will no longer provide nail services.  Monte, our nail tech, is battling cancer.  

And frankly, biased as it may sound, nobody does nails like Monte.  

He was the best and we won't be replacing him at this time.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Gift Certificate holders for nail services are asked to call Shear Artisans Salon @  729 - 8989. 

 They are Monte's friends and our best recommendation for good nail services in a happy place.

Shear Artisans will gladly honor your gift certificate for nail services from Petals Skin Spa.