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I had a preconceived notion of what this place would be like -

(a bit stuffy, don't ask questions, just go with it, etc.)


Tealina M. - June 2016

What to Expect?

      First of all, forget everything you know about commercialized "beauty" spas. It's almost scary!  Okay. Now wish upon a star. The only thing we don't provide is a handsome prince riding upon his white horse to take you home. It's nothing you ever expected; but everything you wished and didn't even know to wish! Plus an amazing, dewy complexion as soft as rose petals! 

     That's what to expect. A magical spa reminiscent of softer, gentler days gone by where beauty was in one's belief that she was beautiful already. POOF! You're there! Let yourself experience it.  Hopefully you can see from our website and years of reviews; it just may be worth a try.  Please visit Google or Facebook.

     Here's some snapshots of our English Rose Garden Suite.  Magical! Imagine lilting music and lavender wind.  Not to mention the best facial you'll ever have. 

We All Need Moments of Serenity or We Become Overwhelmed by Life.

Relax.  Rejuvenate. Renew.  Restore.

Refresh.  Revive. Replenish. Recharge.

How? You Ask?

     Petals Skin Spa specializes in amazing facials for women of all ages; which help fix everything that's wrong with your face/complexion. In so doing, restore you to new;  new in spirit, new in the flesh.  No matter your age, no matter your issues; any one of Petal's facials will have you looking and feeling fabulous in one long, lovely hour, or so! In fact, you'll look and feel so much better than you have looked or felt in years! That's our promise!  

     Experience the gift of a REAL FACIAL from one of the foremost Teachers/Skin Specialists today. A visit to Petals Skin Spa is not "Just" another facial; it is a pivotal learning moment between you and your complexion; one every woman really needs in a safe, non-threatening, happy haven. It's everything you hoped for, but never knew existed. Every woman, 12 to 102, needs a visit to Petals to Learn to Love Your complexions; and then, again and again, just for the HEAVEN of it! It can be YOU!

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