Petals Skin Spa Riverview

1607 South Riverview Drive

Melbourne, Florida  32901

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  Tuesday - Saturday   11:30 am - 4 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

By Appointment Only

Cancellations Appreciated before 10 am that day.

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Welcome to Petals! 

What to Expect?  

First of all, forget everything you know about spas. Okay.  Now wish upon a star.  The only thing we don't provide is a handsome prince riding upon his white horse to take you home.  It's nothing you ever expected; but everything you wished.  Plus an amazing, dewy complexion as soft as rose petals! Hence...our name; Petals Skin Spa!

That's what to expect.  POOF!  You're there!

Welcome to the New Petals!

This is the new historical home we moved to in June. 

It's located on S. Riverview Drive where Columbus Ave hits US 1. The spa is now in  the old historic neighborhoods along the river that are a mixture of cottage businesses and historic riverfront homes.


Riverview is the street that runs behind Einstein's Bagels south to US 192 (aka Strawbridge Ave.).  Columbus Ave is 3 blocks north of the 192 Causeway Intersection where Nahakey's Aquarium store is.


So take US 1 North to Columbus Ave.  Get in the right lane as you do. Go 3 blocks and turn right at Columbus.  Go 1 1/2 blocks straight into our river view parking lot. Park to the north side.  Enter front gate and front door.  Open door and hear music and laughter and then come on up the stairs to our 2nd story full river view spa and join the fun and relaxation. Heaven!

Come Early & Stay Late!

We welcome you to come early for your facial so you can enjoy the treats we have available for you.  Bring a book, ipad, whatever.  Bring a MacDonald's Happy Meal or some other fave treats and enjoy the view as you relax and unwind; for once!

Then we'll tuck you in one of the super cozy facial rooms; The Red Rose Suite or the English Garden Suite; all with river view windows everywhere... for your transforming facial!  Sound good?  It doesn't get better than this.  

Again...HEAVEN on Earth.

Thank You for Your Purchase!  A beautiful gift certificate will be mailed to you for your loved one(s) with an extra envelope on the next business day.  Please allow for weekends and holidays!  If you would like it mailed directly to someone; please put in her/his name and address on the "Ship To" information box during your Paypal transaction!

Remember!  At Petals, You're Beautiful Already!