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Jane Doe - Anonymous - 2012

Why I wrote this book...

     I wrote this book years ago for all of my clients, because they, like me, were lost in the land of the insane beauty industry. All my life I needed help with my face, but all I ever found was one sales pitch after another; and my face? Worse.

     Though "they" sounded like they did; no one had a clue about basic skin and what it needed. "They" had every other product/service or cosmetic solution, but that was it!

     After years of frustration, I opened Petals Skin Spa and figured it out for myself. As a schoolteacher of 20 years prior to that; it didn't take long. From day one, Petals blossomed into the top-rated facial spa in Brevard County because I was teaching everyone about BASIC Skin Care.

     That's what everyone needed in the first place! If only every "spa" would actually do that; we'd all be better off. But "they" don't, essentially because "they" make lots more money by keeping you guessing and hoping that "whatever" will do the trick! Ugh!!!

     Therefore, I put this little picture book together so my clients had it all in one spot. Over the years, I found that my clients shared this info with their friends and family and found that everyone LOVED it AND found immediate improvements in their complexions, too! Now that I have retired; I wanted to make it available to everyone. I hope you love it, too, and what the lessons do for you!                                                                                          Ellen of Petals

"KISS" Your Complexion Everyday!


     Keep It Simple, Silly is what I say; especially if you want to have a beautiful complexion your whole life through.  I found that most people never properly learned "HOW" to take care of their faces and have so many misconceptions about what they should or should not do.  

     Well, this is my "little book" of secrets that no one will tell you.  It's the simple truth of what you need to do to regain control of your complexion. After that you can pretty much stop worrying about it and go enjoy your life without fixating on it.  A philosophy for life.

     How?  Cause it will be so much better and then you'll love it again.  It's really just that simple; no matter your age.  We've proven it so many times at Petals that we've simply lost count!  Now you can begin the simple journey to reclaiming your beautiful face today.

"KISS" Your Complexion Everyday!
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